Financial Services

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

Our Banking and Finance team represent numerous domestic banks, other financial institutions in both general advisory (Banking Regulation) and transactional capacities.

We regularly represent our clients in a broad spectrum of syndicated and non-syndicated financing transactions, including secured and unsecured loans, liquidity facilities for structured finance transactions.

Over the years, our lawyers have rendered a wide array of services to this sector and have thereby developed expertise in advising on, negotiating, drafting, review and perfection of all types of banking documents particularly in syndicated loan documentation including perfection of debentures (Fixed and Floating), stamping and up-stamping and registration; preparation of documentation relating to legal mortgages and charges and the preparation of term loan agreements.

Debt Recovery

Uncertainties birth by sudden economic down-turn renders debt recovery services an essential in the financial world. The Firm’s pedigree in Debt Recovery stems from experience garnered while representing lenders and borrowers at different times and which in turn has sharpened our lawyers’ skills to deliver top-notch work while carefully avoiding unnecessary complications in achieving results.


Our Tax team routinely advises on tax issues and assists clients in various areas of tax administration. We respond to enquiries from the tax authorities and formulate tax structures for our Clients.

Our tax services include:

  • Advising on the general application of Nigerian tax laws and compliance therewith;
  • Provision of advise on tax implications of both proposed and concluded commercial agreements;
  • Advice on areas of tax exemption and structuring options to maximise the benefits derived there from;
  • Advising on tax implications of proposed/new legislation;
  • Representation at tax audits; and
  • Taxation analysis of different business structure such as Public Private Partnership initiatives and finance leasing.

Real Estate

The Firm has expertise in all aspects of Real Estate in Nigeria including Sales, Leases & Acquisition; Real Estate finance, securitisation etc.