Corporate / Commercial Practice

The Corporate and Commercial Practice Group represents a broad range of corporate and business interests. Our clients benefit from expertise and extensive experience in a wide range of transactions and the group delivers responsive, innovative and practical legal solutions in diverse areas including setting up businesses, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Tax, Mergers and Acquisitions, shareholder and joint venture arrangements, immigration matters, Corporate Governance and Compliance, Banking, Company Secretarial and Insurance. The firm has also advised and provided invaluable support to in-house counsel in respect of numerous less significant mandates.

Company Secretarial and Business Advisory Services

Our Company Secretarial Practice is committed to providing high quality company secretarial service to all our clients. The Practice advises a broad spectrum of clients providing high level of quality service whatever the size or structure of the client.

Our Company Secretarial Team have a thorough understanding of Nigerian Company Law, thereby putting the team in vantage position to provide unrivalled technical and practical support to company secretaries and directors on all aspects of corporate compliance, corporate governance, administration and general corporate matters, whether routine or complex.

The Practice also provides annual compliance diligence service to ensure that the directors and the secretary are complying with their statutory duties.

Legal Due-Diligence and Audit

Our due diligence team is made up of lawyers specialised in different areas of law (including business regulatory, general corporate advisory, corporate transactions, banking and finance, employment, property, litigation and dispute resolution) so as to ensure a well balanced investigation and the ability to appreciate the issues involved in the different aspects of the target companies often specialised operations.

We have conducted due diligence on entities involved in the banking and other financial services, routinely covering such areas as legal, regulatory, commercial/contractual, loan documentation (where financial entities are involved), tax, human resources, pensions, insurance and risk management and intellectual property. Our broad experience in this field is complemented by our appreciation of the fact that due diligence is a project specific exercise and thus we are constantly refining our methods to ensure that they are relevant to each of our clients and transactions.

To us, due diligence surpasses the uncovering of issues which may impact on the contemplated transaction – it involves the basis of combination and integration considerations and as such, our investigations often uncover and focus on details which may otherwise be overlooked.

Our due diligence team is accustomed to working with professionals from other fields in the sourcing and analysis of information on the target.

Telecommunication and Information Technology

We provide legal advice on regulatory, intellectual property, interconnection, corporate and licensing issues. We aim to provide comprehensive services to our clients by rendering all-encompassing legal services according to their individual needs. Lawyers in the Firm have considerable knowledge of competition law, telecommunication regulations and information technology.